The below statement is from the Social Solidarity Clinic in Iraklio who are collaborating with other clinics, social centers and movements to create a network from below to receive concrete forms of solidarity.

 Please sign and contact at network@espiv.net

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#ThisIsACoup. 12/7/2015 Euro Summit. A surprise for some. Not a surprise for others. In either case, there is a lasting question. How is a response from below possible to counteract and negate the totalizing financialization of our lives?

There is not one political answer to this. However, a political point needs to be stressed. Support is not needed for an inter-class, ethnocentric peoples—the Greeks.

Support is needed for the struggle from below taking place in Greece. It is the State, first, that homogenizes the differentiated impact of austerity—due to class, age, gender, location, and way of life—under a national identity. To accept austerity, for each MoU, a respective national responsibility. And for five years—nationalization or austerity—the two remedies to choose from.

We choose differently. What is urgent, for us, is to collectivize (not homogenize) individual risk—due to personal debt, job precarity, lessened or no access to health services and good nutrition and the internalization of guilt and shame.

This is the 2nd call for the International Solidarity-Mutual Aid Network. To meet acute and longterm needs in Greece. From/to self-organized initiatives. The aim is to make visible, to demonstrate the efficacy of and put into practice an alternative form of Social Solidarity vis a vis the form of Institutional Solidarity—the EU-ECB-IMF institutions and the new austerity program by the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) of the Eurozone.

To clarify. The call is not a contingent choice. It follows our broader effort to develop a different approach to healthcare. On a social, rather than individual, level. Solidarity, reciprocity, equity, without any distinction as to race, color, origin, sexual orientation or religion. Essential elements. For multifactorial healthcare. Not medicalized assessment. For treating human as a bio-psycho-social whole. Not reduction of human to any individual symptom. For deinstitutionalisation. Not charity, medicine for profit, or neoliberal de-hospitalization via closures, privatization and criminalization. For social emancipation.

The plan is to start from, and have at the core of this network, autonomous solidarity health clinics—the sites experimenting on the basis of non-capitalist forms of labor, non-medicalized healthcare, non-institutional dependency. Each clinic will act as a hub, and will coordinate with other self-organized groups in its city/broader area. Each such coalition will determine and share with the network—the initiatives responding to the call—a list of needs (money, in kind, human), ways to be reached (online, mail, in person), long term communication framework/programming. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Needs may range from medicine and electronics to doctors. Within the coming weeks each clinic/coalition will send out their first round of communication.

Social Solidarity Health Clinic & Pharmacy – Iraklio, Crete


Signatures as of July 21, 2015


Groups, Collectives, Workplaces and Networks:


1.Claudia Acuña, for Cooperativa de Trabajo Lavaca (Lavaca.org y MU), Buenos Aires, Argentina

  1. Atenea Jiménez Lemon- Red Nacional de Comuneras

y Comuneras de Venezuela (500 comunas articuladas en Red)

  1. Roar Magazine (roarmag.org reflections on a revolution)
  2. Oscar Olivera, Fundacion Abril, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  3. RiMaflow, Fabbrica Recuperata!, Milano, Italia
  4. Vilma Almendra and Emmanuel Rozental, Pueblos en Camino, Abya Yala (www.pueblosencamino.org)
  5. Strike Debt! New York, USA
  6. Andrés Ruggeri. Programa Facultad Abierta, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  7. Third Level Workplace Watch, Dublin, Ireland
  8. Rafael Sandoval del Centro Social Ruptura Guadalajara, México
Ongvde Desarrollo y Solidaridad, Spain
  10. Tidal Magazine, Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy, USA
  11. Associazione Ya Basta! Marche Italia
  12. Direct Action Front for Palestine, USA & Palestine
  13. Workerscontrol.net
  14. – Comitê Pró-Haiti – Brasil – Lúcia Skromov l
  15. Givanildo Manoel, Tribunal Popular – Brasil –
  16. Organização Indígena Revolucionária – Brasil
  17. Vilma Lopes, Ecla – Espaço Cultural Latino Americano – Brasil
  18. Campaign for Peace and Democracy, USA
  19. Juan Hernández Zubizarreta Observatorio de Multinacionales en América Latina
  20. Constanza Cuetia – Tejido de Comunicación del Pueblo Nasa – Cauca – Colombia
  21. Institute for Social Ecology, Vermont, USA
  22. Gustavo Esteva, Centro Intercultural de Encuentros y Diálogos Red Intercultural de Acción Autónoma, Mexico
  23. Samantha Shakur Bowden, Occupy Tampa and Black Lives Matter Tampa, USA
  24. SOLIDARIA – Bari, Italy
  25. Patrick Bresnihan and The Provisional University, Dublin, Ireland
  26. Common Notions Press (commonnotions.org), USA
  27. Luis Nieto Pereira por La asociación Paz con Dignidad del Estado español
  28. Rene Olvera Salinas, Editorial En cortito que´s pa´largo, Querétaro, México
  29. Dr. S. Akhtar Ehtisham, Blog syedehtisham.blogspot.com
  30. Hugo Blanco – Revista Lucha Indigena
  31. Jose Manuel Martín Medem, Izquierda Unida, España
  32. Dmitri Prieto Samsvonov, activist.Taller Libertario Alfredo Lopez; Observatorio Critico Cubano; Catedra Haydee Santamaria, Habana, Cuba
  33. Krystian Woznicki (www.berlinergazette.de), Germany
  34. Chris Carlsson, Shaping San Francisco, USA
  35. Revolutionary Caucus, Students for a Democratic Society at University of South Florida, St. Pete. Campus, USA
  36. Commonomics USA
  37. Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign Florida, USA
  38. South Florida Refuge, Refuge Worker Center, USA
  39. Florida Revolutionary Road Radio Show, USA
  40. Universidad de la Tierra en Oaxaca, Mexico
  41. Programa Democracia y Transformación Global, Lima, Perú
  42. Comité Bolivariano de São Paulo, Brasil
  43. Jai Sen, CACIM (Critical Action – Centre in Movement), India
  44. Pinellas Greens, Florida, USA
  45. Gulfcoast Greens, Florida, USA
  46. Officine Zero, Recuperated Workplace, Rome, Italy
  47. DinamoPress, Rome, Italy
  48. Point Break, Rome, Italy
  49. ESC Atelier Autogestito, Rome, Italy
  50. Resistenze Meticce, Rome, Italy
  51. Point Break, Rome, Italy
  52. The Free Association, UK
  53. Plan C, UK
  54. Beta-Local, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  55. schlicht&ergreifend, A Housing Project Group, Leipzig, Germany
  56. MTST – Movimento Dos Trabalhadores Sem-Teto, Brasil
  57. Círculo Bolivariano de São Paulo, Brasil
  58. Las Comite Pro-Haiti
  59. Juventud Socialista – Cusco, Peru
  60. Sarah Khan, People’s Health Movement UK http://www.phmovement.org/
  61. Medact http://www.medact.org/, London, UK
  62. Worcester Roots Project, Worcester, MA, USA
  63. CATAPA, Technisch Academisch Comité voor Bijstand bij Milieuproblemen (Comité Académico Técnico de Asesoramiento a Problemas Ambientales), Netherlands
  64. Worcester Solidarity and Green Economy (SAGE) Alliance, Worcester, MA, USA
  65. Gonzalo Miranda, Cooperativa de Trabajo Muchas Nueces – Editorial muchas nueces. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  66. Woodbine Ecology Center, www.woodbinecenter.org, contact pavlos@woodbinecenter.org
  67. Diego Benegas Loyo, for Barrios x Memoria y Justicia Almagro, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  68. Ecoredia – Gruppo d’acquisto solidale de Ivrea, Italia
  69. Workers Solidarity Movement, Ireland


Silvia Federici, USA/Italy

  1. George Caffentzis, USA
  2. Marina Sitrin, USA
  3. Marcela Olivera, Bolivia
  4. Andres Ruggeri, Argentina
  5. Sabu Kosho, USA/Japan
  6. Michael Hardt, USA
  7. Susan Buck-Morss, USA
  8. Raul Zibechi, Uruguay
  9. Gustavo Esteva, Mexico
  10. Claudia Acuña, Argentina
  11. Laura Gottesdiener, USA
  12. Julio Bronco, Mexico
  13. Bill Fletcher, Jr., USA
  14. Martin Krymkiewicz, Argentina
  15. Astra Taylor, USA
  16. Dario Azzellini, Germany/Italy
  17. Gaia Capogna, Italy
  18. Oscar Olivera, Bolivia
  19. Aniceto Hinojosa, Bolivia
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